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Thai International Travel Fair 2020 - TITF#27
Type of Event

To promote tourism products and services organized exclusively for Tourism industry. It is expected to draw approximately  400,000  visitors, including tourism business and tour operations. The concept of the event is as following:


1. An International Travel Fair and Tour Exhibition
2. Caters to March - May 2021 tourist season
3. Tourists can directly purchase Package Tour Domestic and Outbound from Travel Agents, Package Tour, Cruise and                Accommodation Packages from various hotels.
4. Conveniently located by car and bus

Impact Exhibition Hall 6-7, Muang Thong Thani

Set up Booth during 23 February 2021
(Raw Space)
at 13.00-24.00 hrs.

during 24 February 2021
(Shell Scheme,Raw Space)

at 10.00-24.00 hrs.
Exhibition time during 25-28 February 2021 at 10.00-21.00 hrs.
Booths are to be disassembled on the 28 February 2021 at 21.00 -24.00 hrs.

Number of Exhibitors
650 Booths

Advertising/ PR
1. Weekly Newspaper 2. TV Programs 3. Radio Program
4. Travel Magazines 5. Billboard/ LED 6. Brochures and Flyers
7. Website / facebook    

  • International Airlines, Domestic Airlines
  • Travel agencies, Travel magazines
  • Foreign tourism promotion organizations
  • Travel products, Camping equipments
  • Outbound travel companies

  • Hotels/Resort

  • Cruises/Car Rental


1. Exhibitors must be in Tour business, NTO and Airlines
2. Members of TTAA are not allowed to transfer their right to participate the Fair to anyone.
3. Made the full payment and comply with the regulations of TITF.

Term of Payment
  • Total booth payment fee should be paid full , after get Invoice pay now.
  • TTAA has the right to forfeit the deposit payment and cancel the required booth where payment fails to meet the     condition.